Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not that I've been here recently, it too late to try again?

So, the blog and I have been taking a break. Seeing other projects/project-doers, you know how it goes. But I think it's time I return.

I've had a weird month or so, between school and trying to venture out into new territory socially, and the blog fell by the wayside. But I think it's time to start saying sexy, sexy things again. And dear (abandoned, loyal) imaginary readers, the things I can tell you now!

For example, I just got my first job writing about BDSM. Well, not that it paid. My dear friend Em is one of those people who likes to educate young folk, and she's planning a sex ed discussion, Q&A event in her own city. She's invited me to come and lead the discussion on the kinky stuff, and I wrote her up a little blurb talking about the dos and don'ts of BDSM which I'll probably post here soon. So I have a day trip in my future.

Tim and I have been up to shenanigans, and we finally went back to the fetish club last weekend. The weekend before I'd told the frightening lady who kissed him that she'd overstepped her bounds, and this weekend she wasn't there, so everything went smoothly--er, except for the part where it took me three trips between the club and my house to get my ID. Important lesson, children: if you're wearing clothing with no pockets, give your housekeys to the person you're going home with, not your dancing-happy friend.

More news is on the way, I promise. There will be sexcapades, and humorous anecdotes, and probably a list of what I'm reading now that I'm reading again. Well, maybe. This is a trial reconciliation between me and my blog. We'll have to see how it goes.

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