Monday, December 21, 2009

The List Cometh

I love lists. For all things. Last spring I realized that my list-making had gotten out of hand when I put "break up with boyfriend" on my schedule for the day and happily checked it off when I stopped crying. After that I backed off on lists for a while.

But now it's time for a kinder, although probably not gentler, list--things that my boy and I plan to do in bed for the next year. Of course, a good half of the list doesn't actually take place in a bed. I proposed the idea to him a few nights ago and he surprised me with a deluge of requests. I was going to keep the list to ten items, but it's grown way beyond that.

The list is going to keep growing until New Year's Day, when I'll post it and get started fulfilling its naughty demands. Thus far, most of the suggestions are things that don't really push our limits, just things that we haven't gotten around to yet. I think this may need to change. I think that part of the fun of doing exotic things in bed is pushing your partner's limits and your own, seeing if you can be just a little braver. I'm going to try to get him to have some sex out in the fresh air, or at least the semi-fresh air of my city. And I'm definitely going to start encouraging his dominant side. Although by the sound of some of the items on his list, he's already ahead of me on that.

In semi-related news, I found out from a friend that a friend of his, a charming dominant woman, is out looking for new submissives. I asked my friend if he'd make a recommendation that she play with me so that Tim could observe and pick some stuff up, and we're now awaiting a reply. I hope she says yes. This could be the hottest learning experience I've had since--well, since my Lit class last semester.

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