Friday, January 1, 2010

The (Second) List Arriveth

This is Tim's list of things to do in 2010. Some of them may have been influenced by talking to me, but I'm kind of surprised by how much they overlap. And I think this proves that he's as inventive as I am, and probably way kinkier--a point of much personal dispute. Enjoy.


Get seduced/sexually distracted away from a game.

Teacher Student role play we did that freaked me out

Sitting in a chair. Why haven't we done that yet?

Prostate milking

Anal sex by both parties (not at the same time)

Clothed female nude male

I want to be a doctor or scientist and get to experiment on you

Rape you

Drug&rape me (alcohol will work for "drug"). Just taken advantage of when I am not all there mentally.

I want to have sex in a field. Like of flowers or wheat or something. Or in a forrest. Either/or

A whole day of you being the dominant one, not limited to sexual or non-sexual. Like a whole day.

Same as above, but opposite roles.

Angry sex. Or simulated angry sex. Something along those lines, I want to try it. This might go in to the whole "me raping you" thing.

Minor suspension bondage. If we can't find a place/way to do this, then we won't worry about it though.

School girl roleplay.

I want to be the dirty uncle/priest/teacher/authority figure

Somebody else watching. Either from a video tape or in the room or something.

Hot wax or hot glue gun

Some sort of interrogation scene.

To be quite honest, just reading this list makes me want to fuck him in at least three of the ways listed all at once. Sunday cannot possibly come fast enough.

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